Life Guards 2017 (from Being & Beings w. Lars Worm) plaster, bamboo, acrylics, rope, foam. 150 CM x 50 CM.

Soft Dent 2017, solid cobber, concrete. 3,50 M x 2,44 M (Commision for Hammel Neuro Centre)

Fields of Visions 2017, digital print på Hahnemuhle mounted on 3 mm dibond, 4 M x 1,5 M (Commision for Hammel Neuro Centre)

Simulacrum (Artist Portraits) 2017, digital print on tricot 5 x 3 M x 1 M

In Search of the Miraculous 2016, digital print på phototex, oak, digital print on swimsuit, plastic hook, plastic leaf, silicone, rope. 6 M x 4 M x 2 M

FAKE SUN 2016, digital print on Phototex, MDF, electrical heaters, shelf, found objects. 9 M x 2,44 M x 3 M

Coral 2015, digital print on phototex. 5 M x 3,15 M

20XX, digital print on Hahnemuhle, size variable.

New Beam 2015. Metal, sand, pigment (video work by Alexander Duncan) 2 M Ø